Air Purification Equipment
Air cleaning appliance for More healthy air&Smoking ares
How OxyBox works
The increasing number of people suffering from irritation in the bronchus is a growing problem in the society. Because many of us spend the most of our time indoors,the indoor environment is of great importance.
Around us in the air,there is dust,allergens and microorganisms that negatively affect the health.OxyBox is based on modern and environmentally friendly technology that imiates a natural process when producing new active oxygen1,which removes bad smell and kills bacterias.
The same process exists in high altitude mountainous regions with the higher solar energy radiation.Dust and other particles are drawn together and fall quickly to the floor with their higher weight.
People with allergies feel much better in the climate created by the OxyBox,which is a climate with absence of bad smell,sickness creating microorganisms,pollen,dust and tobacco smoke.
Fresh and clean air with a natural electrical charge(bipolar ionization)improves the deep breathing and the oxygen supply.
The OxyBox removes tobacco smoke within a few minutes in smaller smoking areas or offices where people smoke.The smell is not spread from the room.The air does not get bad I the room and it is not even noticed if anyone smokes there.
Oxybox increases the wellbeing,the effectiveness in general.Within the medical field it reduces the possibility of bacterial infections.Further more,OxyBox removes a high extent of smells and kills mould fungus.
Here you may use OxyBox
Hospitals,Nursing Institute,Dentist&Veterinary
-Waiting rooms
-Patient rooms
-Smoking rooms
-Classrooms,sport halls,dressing room
-Living rooms
-Sanitary rooms
-Rooms against dust and other allergens
-Protection against mould
-Cigarette smoke
-Air cleaning in food areas
-Air cleaning in guest and conference rooms
-Air cleaning in smoking areas
-Dressing room
-Smoking areas
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