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Mianchi Introduction(3)

Mianchi owns colorful and various kinds of scenery, such as Yangshao Grand Canyon, pool, mountains and so on. When you come to the Danxia scenic area and Shifenggu scenic area, you will be surprised by the unique, beautiful, also precipitous landscape. It’s a renowned resort and lots of people would spend their vacation here every year.

Mianchi Museum

Ms. Aiwa, the director of STASIATISKAMUSEET took a trip to Mianchi County to participate in the Yangshao Culture Museum opening ceremony on 7th Nov. 2011. She has a good communication with Yang Quanjin who specializes in study and making on pottery. The pottery show in Malmoe kommun achieved a complete success, also let more and more Swedish know about Yangshao Culture. Chris Randolph Hans, the mayor of Malmoe, is very interested in and impressed on that pottery. They are glad to participate in Yangshao Culture Museum opening ceremony.



Yangshao Grand Canyon




The rose garden
In addition, Mianchi is home to many kinds of local products. This place is a drying farming area and has longer frost-free days. The fine weather makes it feasible that plenty kinds of crops can grow well here. The total crop area is 645 million square meters. The main crop include wheat, corn, chilies, tobacco and peanut, of which chili is about 23 million square meters, tobacco production 40 million square meters, traditional Chinese medicine production 36 million square meters. Mianchi is famous for three Yangshao treasures: Yangshao Apricot, Yangshao dried persimmon and Yangshao millet, all these three enjoy high reputation across China.
With unsophisticated folk atmosphere, beautiful hills and water, unlimited business space and opportunities, the people in Mianchi are striving to build their home a bright pearl in the Golden Triangle of Yu, Jin, Shan three provinces.

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