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Mianchi Introduction(1)--Johan Gunnar Andersson and Yangshao Culture

when talking about Mianchi, it is impossible not to mention Yangshao Culture. The name Yangshao Culture was given by a Swedish scholar Johan Gunnar Andersson.



The statue in Mianchi Museum


The inscription under the statue


Johan Gunnar Andersson (1874.7.3~1960.10.29), was a famous geologist, archaeologist. He discovered some pieces of pottery in the north of Mianchi County, and the site occupies a total area of nearly 300,000sq.m, with culture layer thickness 2m. The pottery had existed in the New Stone Age. That was a revolutionary time for China, and also it took a new step in academic research in Chinese history.  He named his discoveries Yangshao Culture. Yangshao culture is extremely important in Chinese prehistory. It is Andersson’s contribution that make China’s traditional historian realize that archeology, especially field archeology, is the essential way to understand the ancient history.

Later, Andersson built up STASIATISKAMUSEET in Stockholm of Sweden, which depended on his discover in China. At present, it includes more than 400 pieces of Yangshao pottery. Thanks for the good cooperation between STASIATISKAMUSEET and China archaeologist, the culture relics could be kept well in the progress of Chinese Culture development. Also, he helps to strengthen the relationship of culture exchange between Sweden and China in the future.

Mr. Andersson will be remembered as long as Yangshao Culture exists.

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