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Brief Introduction of Hebi (1)

Located in the north of Henan Province, Hebi owns the jurisdiction of Xun County, Qi County, Qibin District, Shancheng District, Heshan District and Hebi Economic Development Zone with a total area of 2182 square km.
Plenty of lines gather here, such as from north to south there are Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway and 107 National Road; the highways from Puyang to Hebi, Shanxi to Puyang extend from east to west. Also, Shijiazhuang-Wuhan passenger line, central and southern Shanxi coal railway corridor, Hebi-Shanxi expressway are now under construction. When these lines are completed, Hebi will form "Double Cross" big traffic pattern. In addition, Hebi is abundant in mineral resources, water, electricity resources.
Hebi has a long history and splendid culture. It was once the capital of Wei and Zhao in Patriotic Spring and Autumn Period. Passing through Hebi City, the Qi River is compared as the "Poetry River", "History River", and "Ecological river", and customs and natural scenery along Qi River are depicted in as many as 39 essays in Book of Songs. Jun county is a national historical and cultural city. It is home to the Dapi mountain which integrates Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in one culture and the stone Buddha of the Northern Wei Dynasty which is the earliest and largest stone figure in China. In the Ancient times, Qi County was called Chaoge, which is one of Shang culture’s birthplaces. There is a mountain called Yunmeng Mountain within Hebi. The great thinker, and strategist Guiguzi Wang Chan of Warring States Period once gave lectures here. And later famous strategists such as Sun Bin, Pang Juan, Su Qin, Zhang Yi, Mao Sui and other celebrities were all his students. Because of this, Yunmeng Mountain was named as "the first military academy in ancient China"
In recent years, under the provincial government’s correct leadership, Hebi municipal government adhere to the scientific development concept to guide the economic and social development, give prominence to integrated coal-based materials, food industry, automotive and retail components, magnesium deep processing, digital electronics and other strategic support for leading and emerging industries, so as to accelerate the construction of a new industrial base. With a total planned area of 75 square kilometers and 28.2 square kilometers completed, there are four provincial-level industrial parks and three municipal characteristic industry parks. Modern chemical, auto parts, metal magnesium, digital electronics and other industries of Hebi are included in the ten industrial revitalization plan of Henan Province. Hebi has been an  important modern chemical industry base, magnesium deep processing of high-tech industrial base and the food industry cluster. Besides, the proportion of animal husbandry output value of processing is high as well in the whole country.
With rapid development, great changes have taken places in Hebi. A New stragetic vision in order to improve the city’s overall strength, vitality and unique charm of the development has been established. And the urbanization rate is to reach 49.6%. "a river with five Parks", City Stadium, the Arts Centre, Finance Building and a number of social undertaking projects and high-end modern service facilities are under construction. So excellent in many aspects, Hebi has been identified as the national circular economy pilot cities, the national recycling economy standardization pilot cities, the national building energy demonstration city, national renewable energy building demonstration city, China Excellent Tourism City, National City, urban and rural employment Pilot, one of the first cities to create entrepreneurial National Model City for urban and rural rescue system, the national social security comprehensive management excellence City.
Henan provincial government fully affirm the economic and social development of Hebi in recent years, specifically asks Hebi to take the lead in developing. With an innovative and pragmatic spirit, the city’s residents are now emancipating the mind and making scientific development. The aim is to accelerate the construction of a new industrial base and form a new urban framework, promote industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization to a higher level.

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