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Campus scenery of Karlstad University

Karlstad University, founded in 1891, is located in Karlstad, Sweden. Karlstad University is one of Sweden’s 14 top universities. There are currently more than 10,000 students, including 260 doctoral students., more than 1,000 school staff, of which 70% are researchers. We challenge conventional, practice and explore the unknown mission. Our spirit is open, innovative, and adhering to the principles of interdisciplinary scholarship. Here university teaching and research combine with companies and public organizations. There is here the most aggressive atmosphere of all the Swedish Universities. Karlstad University logo is the "Sun", representing the life, passion and energy that it exudes light and heat, a symbol of enlightenment and growth

A corner of the Teaching building

The canteen of Karlstad University


The resting area


Computer room of Karlstad University


The library of Karlstad University


Glimpse of student apartment




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