V6-H-M1 simple servo inverter
V6-H-M1 used in CNC machine tools, has the following advantages:
◆ Compact structure: volume equivalent to 70% of the same power inverter.
◆ Low speed precision machining: with excellent low frequency and large torque performance to meet the spindle processing .(it can output 180% rated torque under 0.25Hz at motoring condition).
◆ Torque and speed indicators: excellent performance to meet the sudden load and sudden unload requirements when cutting , dynamic torque response time less than 20ms, Speed stabilization precision reach ± 0.2%.
Excellent control performance under speed sensorless vector control
◆ Realize AC motor decoupling,enabling the DC motorization of operation control.
◆ Figure 1 shows the speed sensorless vector control of the motor four-quadrant running, torque, current, speed and DC bus voltage fast response, and the motor running stable.
◆ Realizing 0.1s acceleration and deceleration with rated motor load.
Upon the zero-crossing switching of the motor (forward/reverse switching), the current has no phase mutation or oscillation, and the rotating speed has no pulsation.
◆ The bus voltage is under stable control. Quick and reliable braking can be realized when decelerating under the condition of braking without power consumption.
It is especially suitable for:
The reciprocating equipment, such as numerical control machine, fountain control
machine, weaving machine and jacquard.
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