E5-H high-performance general-purpose inverter

 Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. Blue Ocean Huateng E5-H series inverter, vector inverter for general purpose, but also allows simple constant pressure water supply functions (Professional Water Supply function select E5-P series frequency converter) for ordinary simple speed control applications, the product has the following outstanding features:
 1, the vector of the sine wave PWM control;
 2, built-in PID closed-loop control;
 3, wide voltage range, AC 260V ~ 480V, DC 350V ~ 750V input;
 4, containing a variety of fan and water pump energy saving mode and rate selection;
 5, compatible with stand-alone system, water supply functions, and with sleep and wake up;
 6, simple vector control, the motor parameters are not sensitive to both strong low-speed torque and precision.


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