High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
Knowledge of the high-pressure water mist
The high-pressure water mist (pressure greater than 10 MPa) is established on the basis of the positive displacement pump, usually using the piston pump, the system pressure up to 100 ~ 200 MPa. High-pressure water mist fire suppression system and apparatus for cost-effective security reasons, usually a pressure of 10 to 20 MPa. Pressure water mist is not less than 10MPa pressure, the DV0.99 <200μm mist.
Means of conventional water mist, low-pressure water mist (a pressure of 1 to 2 MPa), i.e. to establish on the basis of centrifugal pump, the pressure is usually about 1 to 2 MPa, a fine mist or water spray, water consumption, and The biggest difference is that the water spray nozzle is replaced, the remaining little changed. The traditional fine mist is generated in the minimum working pressure at 1m from the nozzle plane droplet cumulative volume distribution parameters DV0.99 <1000μm mist (NFPA750 standard).
High-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system with the traditional low-pressure water mist (water spray) fire extinguishing system is formed from the pressure principle to the entire system flow and pressure control, as well as the core component has a fundamentally different, the core component of the working principle and use of the material a series of fundamental differences, bringing the efficiency of fire, fire type and application places a huge difference. Pressure water mist in addition to an alternative to traditional in low pressure water mist (water spray), but also replace the gas, aerosol, dry powder, foam, water spray, fire hydrant, fire fighting systems.
Ultra-fine water mist (DV0.99 <10) to become the most effective technology to replace gas and other chemical fire extinguishing agent means.
The high-pressure water mist fire suppression technology is the forefront of the development of green fire technology at home and abroad, is the crystallization of a variety of interdisciplinary efficient and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing technology, its state-of-the-art fire-fighting mechanism breaks through the traditional concept of extinguishing the fire technological development in the history of a revolution.
Today, the worldwide problem known as "high-rise buildings, underground space, public places, the old town, transportation and petrochemical" field of fire prevention issues become increasingly prominent. Hailite pressure water mist fire protection technology products with its state-of-the-art the extinguishing mechanism and excellent performance to become the most effective means to solve a lot of fire problems.
Pressure water mist is not only efficient water-saving, safe and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing function, and have a special drop smoke to cool down the toxic function. Can quickly isolate the source of fire, the scene of the fire smoke and toxic gases degradation and blocking the formation of the means of escape, and conducive to the evacuation and protection of the lives and safety of the firefighters. Pressure water mist technology products in different places to achieve a variety of flexible application, reflects the the Trinity development ideas of "fire effects, personal safety, and environmental protection.
2, extinguishing mechanism
The high-pressure water mist having efficient cooling, rapid suffocation double extinguishing mechanism, the formation of a special state between liquid and gas between 1% water is a traditional fire extinguishing means, is 200-300 times its efficiency.
l balanced surface cooling, efficient heat absorption;
l suffocate the fire, but only around the fire source;
l impact emulsification and dilution; the barrier thermal radiation; washing smoke and exhaust.
Water (pressure 10MPa) ejected from the nozzle of a special material, particle size in 10 to 100μm mist, ultra-fine water mist particle size of more than 10μm, after a fire rapidly vaporized, the volume can be expansion from 1700 to 5800 times, absorb large amounts of heat, so that the combustion surface temperature is rapidly reduced; the same time, water vapor, water vapor is formed, surrounded by the combustion region as a whole and the cover, so that the combustion of suffocation due to oxygen.
Pressure water mist to be demonstrated by the three characteristics:
A fog particle diameter is small, micron;
The mist particles motion flight speed as fast as possible, greater than 100 m / s;
3. The number of fog particles per unit space as much as possible;
When these three conditions are met, the high-pressure water mist fire suppression, cooling, the drop smoke excellent performance fully demonstrated.
Popular, because the high-pressure water mist micron droplet characteristics of the three-dimensional movement, high-pressure water mist fire, smoke lowering cooling to form a three-dimensional cover, fog group, again, the three-dimensional motion Fog drops, is formed at the root of the flame and high temperature region of the moving layer and the cover layer of the multidimensional perspective, coupled with its rapid vaporization of the cooling and reduce the effect of the oxygen concentration around the fire source, so that the fire extinguishing and cooling, reducing smoke perspective multifunction effect quick reflected.
Droplet diameter
Per liter of water surface area
Vaporization time
Free-fall speed

3, high-pressure water mist fire suppression system is characterized by
Safety and environmental protection water-saving: water as the extinguishing agent, efficient cooling, choking double extinguishing mechanism of the human body without harm, no impact on the environment, will not decompose at high temperatures to produce harmful substances, spray, fog area personnel without any harm, convenient on-site personnel escape the fighting, water consumption is 1% of the water spray, greatly reducing the volume of fire water tank (pool), to avoid secondary disasters caused by the large number of drainage.
Efficient and sustainable fire: high-pressure water mist water, sustainable fire. High-speed cooling and rapid anaerobic, the cooling rate 100 times faster than the average sprinkler system. Effectively prevent the resurgence of the fire.
The role of thermal resistance and purification: water mist has a good shielding effect of thermal radiation decontamination of smoke and toxic gases, to reduce the harm caused by smoke and toxic gases produced by burning.
Electrical insulation and good: the droplet diameter, diameter of 10 to 100μm the droplet after spraying is not continuous, long suspended in the air, require a fair amount and an extremely long time to complete the mist aggregation, coagulation, and therefore is difficult to be formed on the electrode surface of conductive continuous flow or surface waters, has excellent electrical insulating properties, and can effectively energized equipment fighting fire.
Applicability: the protection of the space without closed and pressure requirements, can keep natural ventilation and has a strong penetration, and applicability.
High reliability: system installation is complete, the system periodically spray test; system made of stainless steel, long life, high reliability and service life of up to 60 years.
Flexible configuration: can be used as a full-space system to protect the entire space can also be used locally to protect stand-alone facilities or part of the facilities.
Installation is simple: the pipe diameter is small relative to the traditional fire extinguishing system, only 10 to 50 mm, installation costs reduced accordingly, saving a lot of space, the investment cost is high.
Easy maintenance: only water as the extinguishing agent, atmospheric standby, routine maintenance workload and greatly reduce the cost.
4, high-pressure water mist electrical safety
(1) electrical equipment fire characteristics
l initial fire, smoke and combustible gases, the temperature is low; shelter, easy resurgence;
l fire smoke contains large amounts of CO, HCl, HF, and other toxic and corrosive gases, easily spread in the electrical cabinet, corrosion and cable, electrical switches, circuit boards, etc., cause secondary disasters.
Federal Communications Commission network the Security Council (referred to FCCNRC) of network security research report: communications room fire damage, 95% is caused by the smoke, and only 5% are caused by the fire temperature. Therefore, the electrical category of protection space fire extinguishing system needs to have a smoke removal effect can greatly reduce the losses caused by the flue gas, the only high-pressure water mist with an excellent drop smoke effect.

Water spray at the same time, computer work properly


(2) AC voltage withstand performance test

(3) weak room and power distribution room pressure water mist extinguishing experiment
l mainframe computer and monitor
l distribution cabinet 1: the power of work, plus electricity load
l distribution cabinet 2: laying power cables, signal cables, it is blocked
l cable tray: laying power cables, signal cables
l fire model: electric wire heating cable, analog cable fire.





5, high-pressure water mist cooling release cytotoxicity
Pressure water mist cooling release cytotoxicity do not have any other means of fire. National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the engine room water mist fire suppression experiments show that the temperature inside the room after spraying water mist quickly dropped to 50 ° C in less than 15 seconds, measured during the experiment to the maximum concentration of CO and CO2 respectively more than 0.08% and 3.5% (CO volume concentration of 1.5%, 1-3 minutes can result in death, the volume of CO2 concentration of 25%, respiratory paralysis can cause poisoning), that water mist the concentration of the products of combustion in the engine room maintained at a level that did not hurt, it is a good access to the power room to fighting and rescue work. 6, high-pressure water mist fire suppression systems the scope of
Pressure water mist fighting fire:
(1) A type of fire; such as: archives, libraries, museums, heritage museum and ancient buildings and other solid dangerous places.
(2) Class B fire; such as: hydraulic station, lubricants Gallery, turbine oil tanks, diesel generator room, spray paint production line, fuel boiler room, liquor and alcohol and other flammable liquids fire hazard.
(3) Class C fire; places with flammable gas such as gas turbine room, gas direct-fired rooms and other places.
(4) charged equipment fire; such as: oil-immersed power transformers, power distribution room, oil switchgear room, generator room, boiler room, computer room, communications room, central control room, large cables rooms, cable tunnels (Gallery) Road, substation and distribution of electrical equipment such as fire hazard.
(5) Other dangerous places suitable for water mist fire suppression system fire. Such as: Subway station hall, Terminal, hospital waiting rooms, hospital wards, parking, underground space and other crowded public places.
7, high-pressure water mist fire suppression system Applications
1, archives, libraries, museums, ancient buildings, shopping malls and entertainment and other crowded places
Hailite ultra-fine water mist system for such construction provides the ideal extinguishing. Traditional water sprinkler system, fire-fighting water caused by water damage and sometimes actually more than the direct result of the loss of the fire itself, by contrast, Hailite ultra-fine water mist system with efficient water-saving, safety and environmental protection characteristics of the water damage to a minimum. Compared with the traditional water sprinkler system, fire pump installation space is significantly reduced, canceled fire pool and large fire water tank. 10 to 50mm of pipe can be easily installed in existing buildings or historic buildings.
Compared with gas fire extinguishing system, Hailite ultrafine high-pressure water mist system has more advantages, together with the Hailite pressure water mist fire hydrant, the above construction will completely solve the problem of fire protection challenges.
2, hospital equipment room and ward building
Hospital as staff is highly crowded places, has a large number itself can not be active, or the patient can not move the event of fire, to be evacuated within 5-7 minutes completed is basically impossible to achieve, in the event of fire, can easily result Qunsiqunshang The major security incidents.
Special complex functions of the hospital, medical supply store, pharmacy and other occasions tend to store flammable ether, benzene, acetone, methanol, ethanol and other potentially dangerous chemicals, the event of a fire, these substances not only burning speed, and can produce a large number of toxic fumes, some of the chemicals and even the risk of explosion, and therefore fighting difficult, the fire spread easily expanded. Some heart disease, high blood pressure patients in case of fire spirit stress, may lead to exacerbations, and even sudden death.
Various equipment room of the hospital, such as the CT room, X-ray room, operating room and other places, can easily cause electrical and chemical fires, gas and other chemical fire extinguishing means is unrealistic, if not impossible, because chemical means will accelerate patient died of suffocation.
Such a special place in the hospital, only rapid fire drop smoke, cooling is the best solution to the fighting and escape means in practice is difficult to effective implementation of more appropriate to set up a high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing devices and systems in these places. Pressure water mist fire extinguishing agent, water-efficient water-saving, not only has no damage and pollution in the environment, personnel, protected object, safe and environmentally friendly fire-fighting capabilities, have a special drop smoke, cooling, drop poison. Can quickly isolate the source of fire, the scene of the fire smoke and toxic gases degradation, sealing and decontamination, is conducive to the evacuation and protection of the lives and safety of the firefighters.
3, the control center, telecommunications room, high and low voltage power distribution room
These places often due to system overload or electrical short circuit, and large fire hazards lurking, in the event of fire, often give the community catastrophic loss.
Electrical insulating materials combustion will produce large amounts of acidic smoke and carbon particles, dust scattered on the surface, its extremely corrosive not only cause harm to the circuit board and the data carrier, can also lead to further short-circuit of the circuit, so that the system paralysis.
Hailite ultra-fine water mist system is able to inhibit the spread of smoke, the tiny mist also be able to smoke adsorption and degradation on the ground. A very small amount of water high-pressure water mist fire suppression, most of the mist evaporated after a fire, water damage is very small, almost no effect on the EDP components.
, Hailite superfine pressure water mist has more advantages compared with gas fire extinguishing system.
4, small pipe network in a variety of building internal fire extinguishing system - replacing gas
Small diesel generator room, boiler room, communications room, power distribution room in a variety of industrial and civil construction within the protection space, previously used mainly for gas extinguishing systems, many of the drawbacks. Small Hailite ultra-fine water mist pipe network system, both safe and efficient, sustained fire, smoke and heat radiation can degrade, and no special requirements on the closed nature of the space, equipment, small footprint, operating and maintenance costs low.
5, the tobacco industry and large space warehouse
Tobacco warehouse are generally large space, the tobacco smoldering characteristics, and excessive fire water and has a smell of chemical agent will result in tobacco or rotten, sour, so in these establishments, both can not use the gas fire extinguishing, can not be used water spray fire-extinguishing chemicals, such as dry powder fire extinguishing.
Pressure water mist is not only a small amount of water, tasteless, non-polluting, but also on its good diffuse characteristics, it is possible to extinguish the smoldering fire in the large space under the conditions of maximum protection for tobacco and large space fire safety.
6, Automotive Spray Booth
Car paint room with high temperature paint work repeated heating to keep the the paint room temperature is relatively constant principle.
Paint room on fire by the furnace heat exchanger, which is commonly known, the fire spread very fast, or even cause a deflagration. The use of the process of the paint room, the normal flame temperature is between 900 ~ 1000 ℃, good stainless steel high temperature 1100 ° C, followed by only about 700 ℃.
Flammable liquid used as a solvent in the paint job, especially the nitro varnish and bananas water diluent, easy to produce large amounts of flammable liquid vapor can be volatile and mixed with air to form an explosive mixture, poorly ventilated encountered open flame or Mars will be an deflagration or explosion. Pressure water mist fire extinguishing technology is the only effective means of control detonation and explosion, the same time, in the day-to-day paint job can provide a means of dust suppression environmental outer exhaust duct can be applied to high-pressure water mist environmental protection systems, to clean emissions .
7, subway
Underground confined space, personnel density, mobility, complex composition, electric traction, electric fire is an important risk source. Artificial increase in terrorist activities, explode, burn, gas release after the accident, could easily lead to a large number of casualties.
Various types of construction of the subway and locomotive equipment and ancillary facilities with a large number of fire-retardant materials, when the accident occurred, the high temperature flue gas, gas become a major killer in the confined space, while taking a mandatory mechanical smoke control still limited effect. Only rapid fire, cooling, reducing smoke, is the subway fire fighting technology of choice, and high-pressure water mist is undoubtedly the preferred and mandatory fire-fighting technology.
Now conventional fire hydrant, due to the large size of the structure, sealing technology is limited not only take up a lot of valuable underground space, and is easy to leak, fire-fighting capability is limited. In order to save the underground space, the contact of the traction power of the subway car, when conventional fire hydrant system leakage, seepage, could easily lead to car 1500V DC catenary short-circuit, resulting in frequent stops of the train accident.
The protection between the underground communications, signal rooms and other important electrical equipment, multi-use gas fire extinguishing system, such as the seven fluorine propane (HFC-227ea) or inert gas (FG541), etc., not only extinguishing agent comparison expensive, prone to leaks, the investment and operation of the project construction and high cost, exhaust system after spraying caused an impact on the surrounding environment. A large number of gas cylinders not only takes up a lot of underground space, and high-pressure bottles constitute the subway danger of explosion source.
Urban rail transport technical specifications "GB50490-2009 national standard clearly stipulates:" underground stations, substations, communication equipment rooms, signal equipment room should be set up automatic fire extinguishing system. "Automatic fire extinguishing system includes a high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing systems and technically reliable, economical, and the fire department approved automatic fire extinguishing system. "
State Bureau of Ministry of Public Security Fire "high-pressure water mist subway fire prevention technology exchange meeting minutes" clearly states: "Metro as highly intensive underground public places, the operational security relationship the nation, and abroad in recent years the group dead group injury Metro Fire profound and painful lesson revelation to us, Subway existing fire facilities defensive fire disasters such as the ability is relatively weak, there is an urgent need to develop new and more effective disaster prevention technology, to cope with the increasing complexity of The subway fire and other types of fire incidents. "
The meeting stressed that pressure water mist technology in subway fire prevention and control efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, smoke and drug drop, reducing the cost and other advantages, is a good cost-effective, comprehensive disaster prevention is worth promoting green technology in subway construction applications. To improve China’s subway disaster prevention ability, making it a genuine safe and reliable green transportation.
Foreign subway have been widely used high-pressure water mist, in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing also has been used.
Pressure water mist open, closed system, fire hydrant system and fire fighting carts a reliable guarantee for the all-round protection of the subway is the most effective means to solve the subway fire problems.
8, the cable tunnel, cable mezzanine
Cable tunnel, cable dissection is extremely important electrical parts, fire hazards. Internal space, poor ventilation conditions in the event of fire, the temperature increased rapidly cause other cables burning, short-circuit, resulting in huge losses. The past, due to fears of a large amount of water from fire cable causing a short circuit, it is usually in the unprotected state.
Pressure water mist system is able to minimize the amount of water and excellent cooling performance cable tunnel fire damage to a minimum.
9, the internal combustion engine, generator sets, hydraulic systems, heat treatment shop
These places there is a large number of substances other than oil, oil, electricity, high temperature Trinity high fire hazard, in the event of fire, the fire spread very fast.
Proved particularly effective, high-pressure water mist extinguishing an oil fire, and because of the uniform surface cooling effect of water mist, does not produce the thermal stress of the impact on the service life of machinery and equipment. Protection system can be designed as a single target or a whole floor protection system, due to fire caused by the reduction for the shortest time to stop production.
10 railway stations and depots, tunnels, railway locomotives
In railway tunnels, highways, tunnels and railway station etc., waiting room, railway locomotives and other places, it will completely solve the fire problem can not be solved by means of existing fire to bring reliable safety and security for the entire industry.
Locomotive internal temperature is high, the circuit, the circuit is complex, high-speed movement, with greater fire risk, by means of the locomotive’s own water and power resources, the use of high-pressure water mist to quickly extinguish all types of locomotive fire.
11, military weapons and equipment, the Treasury
Military weapons and equipment is the value of high density collector, oil, ammunition and other flammable a source of danger, especially combat duty equipment is put into a state of war at any time, and its security is particularly important. Such as missile launchers, armored vehicles, aircraft and other weapons and equipment warehouse, security and even more pressure water mist to become the best technology to solve their fire safety.
12, the petrochemical industry and a variety of tank
Jilin chemical plant burning dozens of hours, explode and cause pollution of the Songhua River, from the tank farm fire petrochemical industry accidents occur several times tells us that the tiny omissions and errors caused by fire explosion can cause great harm and secondary hazards. Fast and efficient high-pressure water mist fire-fighting capability, the ability to control the explosion superiority provides excellent technical solutions and technical means for the solution of world problems, such as alcohol and gasoline, light oil fires only reliable means.
13, coal chemical industry, synthetic tower
Synthetic tower of the coal chemical industry has to work under pressure, very fine pulverized coal once the leak is likely to cause the jet fire even cause an explosion, the heat generated by combustion synthesis gas of high calorific value, very easy to make synthetic steel tower deformation , resulting in a greater loss.
High-pressure water mist efficient the endothermic characteristic and its uniform surface cooling characteristics, while lowering the temperature, so that the heated steel is not deformed, its good dust suppression characteristics to ensure that its degradation to the ground after the leakage of the pulverized coal, Avoid fire and explosion. The high-pressure water mist system is the best choice of the coal chemical industry, fire fighting system.
14, Marine
The nineties of the last century, the International Maritime Association IMO enhance the fire protection capabilities of the ship, a strong impetus to the development of water mist fire suppression technology. Today, the national standard "marine water mist fire extinguishing system general technical conditions" (GB/T22241-2008) and ship industry standard "ship paint mist additional fixed fire extinguishing device technical requirements" (CB/T3813-1998) promulgated more of all types of vessels cabin water mist fire suppression system, fire protection, certainty and implementation of programs.
15, bus and buses,
Bus and large passenger cars, liquidity, staff density, fire factors, difficult to fight the blaze. Once the fire, often resulting in significant casualties and property losses. In the car, water mist fire extinguishing system used to protect the cars and engines and other important parts in the event of a fire, both to rapid fire, and create excellent conditions for the evacuation.
16, kitchen fire
Commercial kitchen cooking fires in recent years, a new type of fire burning cooking oil in the kitchen when the oil temperature is higher, easily resurgence after the fire was extinguished, so it is extremely difficult to extinguish the fire type, foam, powder and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent can not effectively extinguish such fires. Now mainly by wet chemical fire extinguishing agent, this fire extinguishing agent to the oil temperature is cooled to below its auto-ignition temperature, they have a very long time, increasing the opportunity to re-burning cooking oil. On the other hand, in the extinguishing process, chemical extinguishing agent harmful smoke forced the kitchen or even the entire hotel must withdraw immediately and a corresponding increase in the clean-up time after the fire. However, the application of high-pressure water mist systems in commercial kitchen fire fighting, you can effectively extinguish cooking oil fights cooling the cooking oil to prevent oil re-resurgence. The same time, high-pressure water mist discharge, do not have to evacuate. With tube nozzle to form the open system, while the installation of high-pressure water mist fire hydrant to extinguish the fire quickly.

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