High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
Pressure water mist fire hydrant system
Pressure water mist fire hydrant system in Hailite efficient water-saving, safety and environmental protection, water consumption is divided into 10,20,30,40,70 L / min four hose length is divided into two kinds of 40m and 50m. Routine use of fire hydrant each gun flow of 20L/min and 30L/min two specifications, 40L/min 70L/min only for the high level of fire danger, space larger spaces, such as plant, Heritage Hall, hose multi-select the length of 40m, a special place select 50. Usually in the pipeline is always full with a low pressure water pressure is less than 0.6MPa, the high-rise building, another set holding pressure up to 7 MPa.
l: by the high-pressure pump, filtration devices, water tanks, fire hydrant cabinet, rotating winch, extinguishing gun.
l Features: 1) discovery of fire, you can immediately start the fire, side Expand edge fire while walking;
2) gun recoil and small, easy to fire-fighting operation, you can quickly use non-professional fire persons;
3) Remote nozzle and short-range nozzle can be freely converted.
Application: places of long-distance, high-rise building a water supply. High efficiency requirements for extinguishing water damage requires a small file warehouse, ancient buildings, electronic equipment plant, high-rise building, tobacco elevated coffers, railway and highway tunnels, subway and other places, with the traditional fire hydrant unparalleled rapid fire extinguishing, smoke down, the cooling effect.
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