High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
Pressure water mist kitchen fire extinguishing system
Mainly by the cabinet high pressure water mist fire extinguishing devices, kitchen dedicated high-pressure water mist nozzles, alarm devices and kitchen water mist fire hydrant.
The high-pressure water mist system commercial kitchen fire fighting, can effectively extinguish cooking oil fights cooled cooking oil, to prevent re-ignition. At the same time, pressure water mist discharge, do not have to evacuate.
You can manually start with tube nozzle, constitute an open system, when high-pressure water mist fire suppression system alarm device to detect the fire broke out, the system automatically starts to spray fire extinguishing; or have found a fire alarm device has no alarm extinguishing systems, fire extinguishing spray.
Installation of high-pressure water mist fire hydrant, discover fire, the duty to manually start the the kitchen pressure water mist fire hydrant button spray fire extinguishing quickly extinguished the fire.
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