High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
High-energy battery-pressure water mist extinguishing cart
Just gently press the switch, you can spray water mist fire extinguishing at any time, ready to move at any time replenishment.
Personnel-intensive, high density of the value of underground space, workshop, luxury hotels, meetings, records storage, office, residential, explosive and other places extinguishing device.
一、Performance parameters

Working pressure(MPa)
Hose length(m)
Water tank capacity(L)
Battery Continuous working time(min)
Battery cycle life(次)

Easy to start, fast and efficient, fire-fighting at any time. Products with high-energy battery as the power source, without the need for operator experience, just click the button to start the high-pressure pump spray, ready to use, put out the fire to cool down smoke;
● ready to move, flexible, can be used for fast-moving miniature fire station;
● bring their own water tank, also be an external water source. The side spray side pay, to achieve sustained fire extinguishing;
● far, the implementation of short-range gun conversion.
三、When ordering, please specify
This product has a variety of parameters the performance of high-energy battery and pump to choose from, personalized custom production. Order for the special low temperature (-40 ° C to 0 ° C) require special instructions.
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