High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
Vehicle-mounted water mist fire suppression device
Configuration in the existing fire engines, not change the original function on the basis of multi-functional fire-fighting tools and effects;
To configure the existing pickup trucks, vans and other police vehicles can be used as a minor type multi-functional fire engines.
□The main performance parameters
Water mist fire suppression device features:
1.Water consumption of 1% of the traditional fire hose nozzles; fighting efficiency of traditional fire hose nozzles 200 to 300 times, instead of water gun, foam, dry powder extinguishing means.
2. the use of high-strength flame retardant wear hose, work for 30 minutes in a high temperature of 500 ℃, hose horizontal distance of up to 2000m vertical height of up to 1000m.
3. to be used in fire engines, municipal pipe network, industrial water, domestic water, water tanks or natural sources of water supply, sustained fire-fighting capability.
4. for a large area of flowing fire and chemical fire, use water mist enhancer can improve the efficiency of fire and anti-resurgence capabilities.
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