High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
External wall insulation products
Lo Po, Anhui Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (Anhui Lo Po building energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd.), is set to "Lo Po exterior wall decoration system R & D, production and sales of large enterprises. Anhui Investment Group Investment Holdings, registered capital of 87 million yuan, is located in the National Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone Green T. Road 18, built the world’s most advanced the Lo Po board production line in Hefei, Anhui, and the establishment of China’s only "Lo Po exterior wall decoration system R & D center.
Lo Po with German quality, the leading domestic
Lo Po exterior wall decoration system technology and a full set of assembly line imported from Germany
Lo Po exterior wall decoration system through the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of Construction Industry
Been identified as the domestic leading technology and the national construction industry scientific and technological achievements to promote the project "
Thermal insulation composite wall decoration products focus on the promotion of the Ministry of Construction
Beautiful, decorative and strong integrity
Applicable to all kinds of public buildings, luxury apartments residential wall decoration
Fluorocarbon coating, different patterns, the effect of a variety of colors, is a high-end building and furnishing materials
Lo Po board tongue and groove design stitching natural flow between the board, decorative surface more holistic
Lo Po exterior wall decoration board main components:
Aluminum, polyurethane rigid foam
Decorative surface protection layer
Back of the protective layer
Features - insulation decorative integration
Leading technology, in line with national industrial policy and the direction of development
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