High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
High-pressure water mist fire suppression system

High-pressure water mist fire suppression system
High-pressure water mist fire suppression system
People-oriented is the core of the scientific concept of development, high-pressure water mist system has better drop smoke and the cooling effect created extremely favorable conditions for the escape of personnel, the drop high temperature degradation smoke, gas is the most effective and simple means.
High-pressure water mist fire suppression system is on the very wide range of an efficient water-saving, green fire-extinguishing system is in line with the "Montreal Agreement" alternative to halon fire generation product, and can replace gas fire extinguishing water spray and water spray system.
Can achieve long-distance, high-rise working pressure of 8 to 16 MPa, with automatic alarm system linkage with automatic and manual two kinds of control mode.
The building directly transported, stable performance, reliable operation, the system response time is short, easy maintenance, cost-effective.
Comparison of different fire-fighting technology 

Pressure water mist characteristics and advantages
1. Secure environmental water - water as the extinguishing agent, efficient cooling, choking double extinguishing mechanism of the human body without harm, no impact on the environment, will not decompose at high temperatures to produce harmful substances, spray, fog personnel in the region without any harm, convenient on-site personnel escape the fighting, water consumption is 1% of the water spray, greatly reducing the volume of fire water tank (pool), to avoid secondary disasters caused by the large number of drainage.
2. Efficient and sustainable fire - high pressure water mist water, sustainable fire. High-speed cooling and rapid anaerobic, the cooling rate 100 times faster than the average sprinkler system. Effectively prevent the resurgence of the fire.
3. Purification - smoke and exhaust gas purification, is conducive to the safe evacuation and fire fighting and rescue work.
4. Shielding radiant heat - thermal radiation shielding effect, to prevent fire spreading quickly in controlling the fire effect.
5. Water loss is small - the water consumption is only 1% to avoid a large number of secondary disasters caused by the drainage of the water spray system.
6. Electrical insulation and good - the droplet diameter, diameter of 10 to 100μm the droplet after spraying is not continuous, long suspended in the air, a considerable number and an extremely long time to complete the mist aggregation, condensation on the electrode surface, it is difficult to form a continuous flow of conductive or surface waters, has excellent electrical insulating properties, can be effectively energized equipment fighting fire.
7. High reliability - the system installation is complete, the system periodically spray test; system made of stainless steel, long life, high reliability and service life of up to 60 years.
8. Flexible configuration - can be used as a full-space system to protect the entire space can also be used locally to protect stand-alone facilities or part of the facilities.
9. Easy to install - as opposed to the traditional fire extinguishing system, the pipe diameter is small, only 10 to 50 mm, the installation cost is reduced accordingly, saving a lot of space, the investment cost is high.
10. Easy maintenance - only water as the extinguishing agent, atmospheric standby routine maintenance workload and greatly reduce the cost.
The main components of the high-pressure water mist fire suppression systemThe main components independently developed by the Hailite complete with independent intellectual property rights.

◆Sprinkler head

 According to different places and different environments, the system can be used to open nozzle, closed nozzle, anti-drip nozzle, water mist split nozzle 40 different species of high-pressure water mist nozzles. 

Each pump unit is directly connected to a drive motor system startup current, reliable operation; combination of high-pressure pump and pressure valves, safety valves, directional valve as a whole, the pipeline is simple and beautiful; pump control cabinet with PLC control withthe various docking alarm system.

◆Control valve

Series control valves, pressure control valve, directional control valves. Has the advantage of fast response, reliable action.
■High-pressure water mist fire extinguishing system

 High-pressure water mist fire suppression system designed to dry and closed systems, according to the requirements of the protected object.


Open system is the most common system, usually water system pipe, is particularly suitable in some special low-temperature, high temperature areas. Closed system closed nozzle, and when a fire occurs, the the local spray only in the event of fire, to adapt to the low level of fire danger place.

■Pressure water mist fire segmentation and breathing down system
Automatic fire extinguishing system design with high-pressure water mist as a whole, for large open spaces, production lines, conveyor belts, such as fire, fragmentation and degradation due to the combustion of smoke will not affect the flow of equipment, personnel and materials, but also can play fire segmentation and prevent the spread of poison gas smoke, which is a major breakthrough in water mist system in fire protection applications.

■Pressure water mist fire hydrant system

Distant places, once high-rise building water supply. Used for fire fighting efficiency with high requirements, records storage of water damage requires a small, ancient buildings, electronic equipment plant, high-rise building, tobacco elevated coffers, railway and highway tunnels, subways and other places, with the traditional fire hydrant unparalleled rapid fire extinguishing, breathing down the cooling effect.

◆ To discover fire, you can immediately start the fire, side Expand edge fire while walking;

◆Gun recoil force is small, easy to fire-fighting operation, you can quickly use non-professional fire persons;

◆ Remote nozzle and short-range nozzles can be freely converted.

Pressure water mist fire hydrant system in Hailite efficient water-saving, safety and environmental protection, water consumption is divided into 10,20,30,40,70 L / min four hose length is divided into two kinds of 40m and 50m. The routine use of fire hydrant each gun flow of 20L/min and 30L/min two specifications, 40L/min 70L/min only for high fire danger rating, the larger space places, such as a large plant, Heritage Hall, hose multi-select the length of 40m, a special place select 50. Usually always filled with low-pressure water pipe, the pressure is less than 0.6MPa, the high-rise building, another set holding pressure up to 7 MPa.

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