High-pressure Water Mist Fire Extingusishing Products
Mobile high-pressure water mist fire suppression device

Far, Proximity spray live

High-energy battery type

Used in flammable and explosive workshop
The main performance parameters:

Pressure(MPa) 12
Gasoline engine or motor of the type of power
Flow(L/min)      20 or 40
Range (m)          15 or 25
Length of rubber hose(m)  50 (standard)
Tank volume (L) 165 or 200
Size (mm)  1150×750×1050
Gasoline, motor or high-energy battery as power source, own water tank, can be used as a fast-moving miniature fire station;
Far, the implementation of short-range gun conversion;
Applicable to large factory workshop, commercial establishments, community, subway stations, railway stations, tunnels, under construction, etc..

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