State-of-art single phase UPS
December, 2011, INVT released the new generation of single phase 10kVA and 6kVA UPS products. Offering four models with standard backup time of 10kVA and 6kVA, long backup time 10kVA and 6kVA, these models owns the following state-of-the-art design:
1. 0.9 output power factor, offer more power capability for the load.
2. Incredible high efficiency, up to 93% AC to AC efficiency for 1...

RM series Modular UPS System
System characteristics:
1. Modular design, hot swappable.
2. Strong load adaptability for linear and nonlinear load.
3. Intelligent module and system protection design.
4. Incredible low noise system design.
5. Double DSP controller for individual power module.

HT11/HT31 series High frequency online UPS
HT11 series online UPS 1-3kVA characteristics:
1. Wide input voltage range.
2. Cold start.
3. Advanced battery management.
4. Automatic battery charging on off mode.
5. Lighting and surge protection.

HR series online UPS
HR series online rack mounted UPS 1-6kVA characteristics:
1. 19 inch rack mounted design.
2. Online double conversion technology.
3. IGBT PFC technology.
4. Wide input range.
5. Zero transfer time.

HT33 series tower UPS
INVT HT33 serial three phase UPS offersadvanced technology that increase performance and reliability three high speedDSPs with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of powersupply,high input power factor makes UPS green energy saving alsooffers humanization design:full front access of service ability

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